Absorbent Designs

Absorbent Designs is and will always be what our name implies, a towel manufacturer that will bring a wide variety of absorbent materials and creative fabric designs to life styles for many years.

Absorbent Designs Focuses on High Quality Microfiber Towels
with Unique Design and Functionality

Golf Towels

A high quality Microfiber Golf Towel, “The O Towel” is the perfect addition to anyone’s golf equipment.

  • 600 gsm Microfiber towel
  • 41 Inches in length

Camouflage Towels

Microfiber Camo towels with unique shape and extreme functionality. Available in 20 or 29″ variation with your choice of icon that fits your outdoor life.

Tennis Towels

Our “The ACE” Tennis Tour Towel is the perfect addition to anyone’s tennis equipment.

  • 41″ 600 gsm High Absorption Microfiber towel

Baby Comfort Towels

600 gsm, soft microfiber towels for the baby boy or girl in your life. Available in Blue (Boy)
or Pink (girl).

Fitness Towels

. 29″, 400 gsm microfiber towel is right there for easy access within seconds to absorb the sweat from your brow or chin.

Baby Burping / Comfort Towels

For that wonderful new comer to the family, Absorbent Designs understands that most infants in their first few months are nestled against the body or shoulder of a parent, family member or close friend. It is almost the second crib of ones early life.

Our 600 gsm Baby Burping / Comfort I TOWEL will add a soft landing area across the front shoulder blade for that afternoon or evening nap.

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